About the Cambia Grove

Connecting People, Catalyzing Innovative Ideas

In 2015, we launched the Cambia Grove—a health care-focused hub where Cascadia’s innovators and entrepreneurs can convene and catalyze new solutions. We offer a shared space for the region’s emerging health care economic cluster, where a host of stakeholders set aside competition in favor of true collaboration toward the shared goals of better health and a more sustainable system. Collectively we are realizing our region’s enormous potential to lead the development of transformative, value-driven solutions for the industry.

The Cambia Grove supports this activity through a ground-breaking Anchor Partner program, and with the backing of some of the region’s most visionary health care leaders. We’ve also been embraced by government leaders on the state and national level.

As the only health care-specific hub in Cascadia, the Cambia Grove and its open plan design embody the region’s creative energy and commitment to work together to develop health care solutions of the future—through pilots, workshops, community meetings and networking events. The community has earned accolades like the 2015 GeekWire Newcomer of the Year. Tiny, our Sasquatch in Residence, keeps our lean team tightly focused on the impact of new solutions and innovations on individuals and their families.

The Cambia Grove’s approach can be described simply:

  • Convene, organize and connect the community
  • Identify problems and find solutions
  • Catalyze innovation

For nearly a century, our parent company Cambia Health Solutions has worked to find new ways to improve our health care with groundbreaking innovations. The Cambia Grove has helped ignite the region behind the idea that we will all accomplish much more together than we will on our own.

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