About the Cambia Grove

Convening Community, Identifying Problems, Catalyzing Innovation

Cambia Grove is a health care innovation hub focused on bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and the traditional health care sector.

We offer a shared space for the region’s emerging health care economic cluster, where a host of stakeholders set aside competition in favor of true collaboration toward the shared goals of better health and a more sustainable system. This approach has been embraced by government leaders on the state and national level.

When the space was launched in 2015 by Cambia Health Solutions, Cambia Grove set out to connect a community of health care changemakers. We are now ready to take another leap forward toward building a more person centric and economically sustainable health care system.

Starting in 2018, Cambia Grove will target systemwide opportunities to drive large scale health care transformation. We will leverage our success as a connector to build partnerships to create, pilot or scale solutions enabling health care transformation.

Cambia Grove embodies the region’s creative energy and commitment to work together to develop health care solutions of the future—through pilots, workshops, community meetings and networking events.

The Cambia Grove’s approach can be described simply:

  • Convene, organize and connect the community
  • Identify problems and find solutions
  • Catalyze innovation

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