Innovation Landscape Reports

As Cambia Grove works to catalyze health care innovation, we are creating baseline data and community driven calls to action to measure and direct our work. Over the years, Cambia Grove’s landscape reports have evolved from addressing the opportunity for innovation to improve the economy (measured by GDP and employment) to addressing the opportunity for innovation to impact the health care system (measured by elements of the health care innovation ecosystem and the Triple Aim). It is our hope that through these reports, we can better support health care innovation’s ability to catalyze a more person focused and economically sustainable health care system.

Health Care Innovation Advancement Framework 

The Health Care Innovation Advancement Framework is the next generation playbook to help support impactful innovation. The Advancement Framework creates an index for health care innovation ecosystems to measure key elements that are necessary to translate innovation into impact. Click here to learn more!

Stay tuned for state-based assessments for Oregon, Utah & Washington using the Advancement Framework! 

Health Care Innovation Economic Assessments 

Starting with Washington in 2015 and Utah in 2019, Cambia Grove’s original health care innovation landscape reports focused on the economic opportunities in supporting the growth of this relatively new industry. While we at Cambia Grove have evolved our methodology from economic development to impact, we invite you to learn more about Washington and Utah health innovation industry through these past reports.


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