About the Cambia Grove        

Why did you create the Cambia Grove?
Cambia Grove was launched in 2015 by Cambia Health Solutions to connect a community of health care changemakers. Cambia Health Solutions, a tax-paying not-for-profit business, has provided all funding for the Cambia Grove in support of its efforts to make health care more accessible, affordable and accountable to patients. We have grown and evolved since then to target system wide opportunities to drive large-scale health care transformation. 

Is the Cambia Grove a neutral convener?
Yes. We welcome and need everyone from across the health care sectors—patients, providers, policy makers, purchasers,  and payers –to join us in conversation, working together with a community of entrepreneurs and innovators to pursue a more person-focused and economically sustainable health care system.

It all starts with relationships — and trust — which is cultivated in communities over time.

What is Cambia Grove’s vision, mission, and goals?
Vision: A health care system that embraces innovation.

Mission: To bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the traditional health care sectors to drive health care transformation towards a more person-focused, economically sustainable health care system.


  • Build Community: Connect, nurture and expand a community of health care changemakers to support development of new health care solutions
  • Catalyze Solutions: Catalyze solutions to system level barriers preventing innovation in health care

Where can I go to learn more? 
We welcome feedback and questions from the community at any time. Reach out to info@cambiagrove.com, register for an office hour with a Cambia Grove staff member, or stop by our space.

About Using the Cambia Grove

Is there a cost to using the Cambia Grove?
Day-to-day coworking in our space is free to innovators. We aim to keep our space an accessible resource for the community by keeping our rental costs modest. During business hours, our conference rooms are complimentary for the first two hours (time includes set up and break down) and $50 per hour for each additional hour.

For costs associated with renting our main space, please fill out our form or reach out to info@cambiagrove.com.

How do I book space at the Cambia Grove?
Please see our page on using the space, which includes information about the types of space available to reserve.

What happens to my intellectual property?
Your IP is yours. We make no claim to it. 

Can you provide examples of activities that take place at the Cambia Grove?

  • Networking events
  • Local and national speakers from across the health care industry
  • Information sessions with private- and public-sector resources
  • Programming designed to engage entrepreneurs
  • Formal and informal meet ups
  • Company and community board meetings
  • Visit our calendar for current events and activities

Is the Cambia Grove an incubator or an accelerator?
Neither. The Cambia Grove is a new type of health care work space. Its open design is intended to foster collaboration and allow us to convene a diverse array of regional and national leaders for workshops, host community meetings and networking events and provide a shared habitat for the local health care innovation ecosystem.

How can I stay informed about Cambia Grove programming?
You can find the latest information about our events and programming by signing up for our weekly newsletter, visiting our event calendar or following Cambia Grove’s social media accounts.

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