Cambia Grove Innovator Fellowship


Join us at the Cascadia HealthTech Showcase on October 8 for a presentation by Innovator Fellows, Mansi Mehrotra and Kristin Mussar! 

The Cambia Grove Innovator Fellowship Program embeds innovators within world class health care organizations to solve complex problems with emerging technologies and talent. This fellowship program was created using feedback from the innovator and health care systems communities during our Data Solution Series.

2019 Cambia Grove Innovator Fellowship 

In collaboration with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Cambia Grove challenged its inaugural fellowship cohort to develop a biological data catalog to expose valuable clinical and molecular data through consistent web-optimized application programming interfaces (APIs).  

These efforts will help researchers worldwide find effective treatments or even cures to cancer.

About the Inaugural Fellowship Cohort

Mansi Mehrotra

Mansi is a graduate student at the University of Washington pursuing her Master's in Information
Management with a focus on Business Intelligence and Data Science. Her journey so far has
enabled her to combine her skills in computer science, product management, and data science
to gain deep industry exposure. Mansi completed her Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the
University of Pune in India and went on to work as a product manager for three years. As a PM,
Mansi drove the Content Management System of VIU – a video-on-demand company with major
presence in South East Asia. She is currently interning at Adobe as a Business Intelligence
Engineer in San Jose and aspires to be a Data Scientist with a mind-set to design for a difference.
She is skilled in BI software such as Tableau, heavily uses R for data analytics and has immense
experience in management and tracking tools such as Trello and JIRA. She loves SQL and believes
that anything in the world can be broken down into data sets and analyzed for best results. Mansi
is also leading a team of 6 members at Starbucks to conduct end-to-end research, documentation
and implementation of a data process to bolster the supply chain management of Starbucks


Kristin Mussar, PhD

Kristin has cross-disciplinary expertise in the life sciences, business, and data science. She completed her PhD in Pharmacology, as well her certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship, at the University of Washington in 2016. After graduating, she worked at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the Business Development & Strategy Office as a Technology Associate. Working in technology commercialization, Kristin realized that she missed working with data, using data to make informed and objective decisions, and in communicating technical ideas to audiences with diverse backgrounds. She transitioned into data science and completed the Metis Data Science Bootcamp this past March. She is passionate about extracting meaningful insights from data and bringing these insights to life through storytelling and visualizations. Her data science portfolio includes predicting infections in the ICU, identifying whale calls, and clustering health-related tweets. She is excited to return to Fred Hutch this summer and apply her skills in data analysis to help researchers build innovative health care solutions. 


Fellowship Description:  Ingesting & Processing Data for use in Research

Data science and visualization in Cancer Biology often requires use of reference data sets. Unfortunately, many of these resources are stored in formats and systems that are not optimized for web delivery. To help accelerate research we aim to automate the ingestion transformation and loading of various datasets into AWS and expose them using REST services. Exemplar datasets Include:

  • Gene sets from Molecular Signatures Database (MSIG DB)
  • Pathways from Pathway Commons
  • Gene annotations from GeneCards

Background: After extensive feedback from the health care innovation community, Cambia Grove took on data as the first topic for our Solution Series. This series systematically breaks down barriers to innovation by convening stakeholders around high-priority healthcare topics, identifying specific challenges within those topics and then catalyze solutions that support system-wide transformation.  

About Fred Hutch

At Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, home to three Nobel laureates, interdisciplinary teams of world-renowned scientists seek new and innovative ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases. Fred Hutch’s pioneering work in bone marrow transplantation led to the development of immunotherapy, which harnesses the power of the immune system to treat cancer. An independent, nonprofit research institute based in Seattle, Fred Hutch houses the nation’s first National Cancer Institute-funded cancer prevention research program, as well as the clinical coordinating center of the Women’s Health Initiative and the international headquarters of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network.