Cambia Grove Innovator Fellowship


Special Announcement: Due to the collaborative nature of the Innovator Fellowship, we have decided to postpone the program for a few months. Changing the time will ensure our health care partners can focus on the urgent and overwhelming need to contain and treat COVID-19. This will also allow the fellows to travel to meet with mentors and receive hands-on training – which is such a vital part of this program. Please see the new timeline, including application period below. If you have any questions, please reach out to

About the Innovator Fellowship Program 

2020 Cambia Grove Innovator Fellows will work with national leaders in health data interoperability to develop a health payer consent framework while being trained and certified in HL7 FHIR standards. Fellows will be matched with a selection of national leaders in a mentor and mentee relationship to build their FHIR skills in a real world application. The HL7 FHIR data standards will lay the foundation for meaningful advancement in health care per the ONC and CMS guidelines. Organizations taking part in this effort will be well positioned to be leaders in digital health care transformation.    


  • Application Period:  May 11 - 31
  • Fellows Announced: June 23
  • Fellowship Program:  July - October
    • There are online and in person trainings, in addition to working with mentors who are national leaders in FHIR standards


  • Fellows will be responsible for their own travel and training costs (approximately $10,000)
  • Fellows will be required to participate at all onsite events and meetings as well as the 4-week online training 
  • Fellow applicant criteria:  Developers having experience with coding using Java, NODE, .Net, Scala, Clojure. Experience working with health care preferred

About the Health Plan Consent Framework

  • The framework will allow a consumer (patient/member) to provide specific consent to a HIPAA covered entity (i.e. a Health Plan) to share their data with a third party (i.e. App, Family member, Care Giver, Provider, Health Plan, etc.)
  • The framework should support consents with appropriate granularity for the Health Plan domain so that the data sharing is subject to filtering/conditions based on:
    • Consumer’s confidential communication restrictions
    • State and local agencies’ sensitive diagnostic and procedure codes requirements
    • Type of data (i.e. type of claims, type of clinical data, etc)
    • Type of third party or specific third parties



Partners will be organizations working with health care data with subject matter expertise in FHIR. Those subject matter experts will spend time mentoring them in person over a two-day time period and remotely throughout the length of the program. The fellows will work with the partner organization stakeholders to identify requirements and recommendations for the health plan consent framework.

  • Mentor fellows who are being trained on FHIR standards
  • Can provide input on a national Health Plan Consensus Framework (using FHIR)
  • May participate as a speaker/trainer during a day long FHIR 101 for both developers and business leaders (to learn why/how to train developers to use FHIR)


Background: After extensive feedback from the health care innovation community, Cambia Grove took on data as the first topic for our Solutions Lab. This Solutions Lab systematically breaks down barriers to innovation by convening stakeholders around high-priority healthcare topics, identifying specific challenges within those topics and then catalyze solutions that support system-wide transformation.