About the Solutions Lab

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Systematically breaking down barriers to innovation

This initiative was built upon the idea that the community has all the right ingredients to solve big health care challenges. To better enable the flow of innovation in health care, Cambia Grove works with the community to execute a cyclical three-phase approach:

  1. Convene stakeholders around high-priority health care topics
    • Engage diverse perspectives to uncover systemic barriers to innovating in health care
    • Select topics based on feedback from the community
  2. Identify specific challenges and opportunities associated with each topic
    • Map detailed problems faced by the community
    • Identify common themes across stakeholder groups
    • Prioritize opportunities for improvement
  3. Catalyze solutions to support system-wide transformation
    • Assemble changemakers to design original solutions
    • Create partnerships to pilot innovation 
    • Scale solutions throughout the marketplace
Focus Areas

Learn more about the high-priority topics we've covered in this series:


Payment & Incentives

Entrepreneur Engagement

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