Nolan Jekich

Nolan Jekich
Admin & Content Coordinator

Nolan joined the Cambia Grove team in August of 2020. His primary role consists of leading and managing Cambia Grove's Communication initiatives while assisting the Community Engagement team through the Cambia Grove Membership.  

Nolan has a experience supporting and managing marketing, communications and community outreach initiatives across several industries including the Health & Wellness and Advertising industries. He has a combination of written and verbal communications experience throughout his professional and educational background. Nolan was drawn to health care after he volunteered at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School in 2020. He aims to have long-lasting, meaningful impact within the community by supporting the advancement of a more inclusive and equitable health care system.

When he is not looking to communicate the journey of advancing health care innovation, he enjoys golf, writing and exploring the hiking trails around the Seattle area. 

Early thoughts from Nolan:

Why did you join Cambia Grove? I joined Cambia Grove because of my passion to transform the health care system, having positive impact within the community, and finding solutions to complex problems. 

My education and previous work experience has led me to effectively deconstruct complex understandings throughout society, and what is more complex than health care!
What are your thoughts on the barriers facing health care innovation? The system itself seems like a barrier to health care innovation. However, I believe using the 5 Points of Health Care™, we can all come together to transform the system. Focusing on implementing change within the system, we can give the best care for patients across the nation.

Any preliminary thoughts on innovation? With COVID-19, we have seen the early effects of innovation regarding technology and telemedicine. I believe there is tremendous opportunity for innovation by focusing on immediate changes we can implement within the system while also acknowledging what solutions need to be created for a long-lasting impact.