Spring 2018 TRAILS Competition

Our inaugural Spring 2018 TRAILS Competition invited health care startups of all stages to enter their product or service to win access to real world application and testing from University of Washington’s Primary Care Innovation Lab (PCI-Lab). Through this experience, startups can iterate on their solution to make it a lean, high value product. 

Litesprite, which develops mobile apps to treat mental health disorders, was selected by a panel of expert judges from five finalists as the inaugural competition winner. They are currently working with UW PCI Lab and their network of primary care providers to gain real-world testing. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest TRAILS Competition news!

Read more about the inaugural TRAILS competition, the first awardee, Litesprite and check out news here


"All five of the finalists totally nailed some of the issues in health care. And the use of tech to solve some of them is going to completely transform the way health services are delivered. Very very difficult. They are all just remarkable ideas, energy and commitment to improve things."

Dorothy Teeter
Health Management Associates, Principal

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