HIT Like a Girl Podcast

LISTEN: HIT Like a Girl Podcast & Maura Talk Balancing Innovation’s Building Blocks


An intuitive, cost-effective health care sector becomes possible when someone has the courage to name its current shortcomings.  

We’ve seen innovators struggle for years to impart value and real impact into an unbalanced system – Cambia Grove’s Executive Director Maura Little says it’s time to set priorities. 

Cambia Grove’s 5 Points of Health Care™ program - made of payers, providers, purchasers, patients, and policymakers - teases apart how our health care system was intended to work and the reality of how it operates today.  

Based on those findings, the hub released a Health Care Innovation Advancement Framework (IAF) playbook to quantify key innovation ecosystem elements and how they regulate the systemic uptake of innovation. These building blocks of incentives, infrastructure, and culture effectively form the foundation on which innovators are able to model valuable, patient-focused solutions across the health care system.  

In this episode of HIT Like a Girl Podcast hear from Maura how the Cambia Grove team arrived at these foundational pillars of the innovation ecosystem, and where she sees opportunity to balance them in order to throw open health care’s front door for innovators.  

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