Physician Report

Physicians Report: Innovation's Role in the Pandemic


“The global pandemic has exposed cracks we’ve known to exist in the healthcare system for decades—the only thing that’s changed is our sense of urgency,” says Maura Little in Physicians Report.

In the relative short-term, it’s helped the telemedicine industry prove its value and viability to contrarians. New telehealth billing codes and the American Medical Association provider-focused telehealth implementation guides prove that COVID-19 is prioritizing care delivery and moving digital health in the right direction.  

In the longer term, it has shown us that actualizing innovations such as telemedicine to their full potential will require the optimization of  ecosystem elements: infrastructure, incentives and culture. These elements are foundational for systemwide change and adoption of innovation. Barriers in health care should be something discussed openly, often and with intention to create a collaborative front to conquer roadblocks in the way of creating a more person-focused and economically sustainable health care system. 

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