Recapping the 2021-2022 TRAILS Competition


While workforce, access and equity challenges within the behavioral health space have been prevalent for years, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the pressing need to advance solutions to improve care - a need that many health systems, policymakers, and health care innovators have been trying to address.

Health systems are complex with many silos. This complexity is a significant barrier to innovators looking to have a positive impact on the system and care delivery. Launched in 2018, Cambia Grove’s Traction and Implementation Lead to Solutions (TRAILS) Competition alleviates this barrier by providing a framework for startups to collaborate with established health care entities and receive real-world feedback as the prize. 


This year, Cambia Grove was honored to partner with two leading health systems in the Northwest, Providence Digital Innovation Group and MultiCare Behavioral Health Network, to highlight solutions addressing the challenges within the behavioral health space. 

The top 5 innovations ranged from digital therapeutics helping adolescents suffering from depression to innovations helping those overcome substance use disorders.  


Hearing the different viewpoints [of the 5 Points of Health Care™ Tour] allowed us to further refine and focus on our offering, as well as how we sell it. Looking forward, there is tremendous value in our upcoming work with MultiCare and Providence and look forward to their advice and direction. 

– Dr. Matthew Peters, Rose Health & Winner of the 2021-2022 TRAILS Competition

[The TRAILS Competition] really has helped us gain perspective and start to focus our strategic roadmap for the next 12 months on key pain points that can deliver real value to all the pillars of care utilizing our platform. We received real insight into behind the "curtains" active needs that allow us to properly gauge how we can fit to positively impact the most people.

– JD Meints, NuLife Virtual

5 Points of Health Care Tour™, Purchaser Stop
5 Points of Health Care Tour™, Purchaser Stop

The finalists had the opportunity to gather insights from experts across the health care industry in a tour of the 5 Points of Health Care™. The finalists collaborated with different stakeholders to discuss the emerging challenges, opportunities and barriers they may encounter when advancing their innovation throughout the behavioral health space. Some of the key takeaways included: 


All of the stops were phenomenal, but our discussion with Michael Langer and Keri Waterland from WA Health Care Authority stands out as being particularly interesting and insightful. We rarely get the opportunity to have discussions at the legislative level, and it was informative to hear about the challenges they faced and were actively trying to solve.

– Jake de Medeiros, Limbix

Retention and recruitment in the workforce came up with both the purchaser and policy maker stops. This helped us solidify our focus on employee assistance and employers while emphasizing equity and inclusion, prevention, screening and detection, which all resonate with what Compris is offering with our bilingual assessment.

- Joyce & Calvin McGinn, Compris Inc. 

On February 2, 2022, the top 5 finalists competed in a live virtual pitch event, pitching their solutions to a panel of judges. This year’s grand prize winner was Rose Health. Although the competition awards only one grand prize winner, Cambia Grove commends all the finalists for their efforts to improve health care access, quality of care, population health and patient experience to those navigating behavioral health issues. 
Because if it is one thing we are all accustomed to within this industry, health care transformation can come from anywhere, anyone and will take the resiliency from all of us to continue advancing impactful, sustainable solutions that improve the lives of the patients and communities we serve.

In our kickoff event back in September 2021, Samantha Clark said it best:

“Innovators bring hope to the health care industry.”